We offer Design, fabrication and installation of granite countertops for both residentials and commercials.


Kitchens • Floors • Baths • Summer kitchens • Fireplaces • Custom Desks & Tables • Lobbies & Core Areas

• Bathrooms • Other Custom Projects.





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Maria Rodriguez

Sales & Accounting

Damaris Rodriguez


Carolina Ramos

Sales & Manager

Hilda Laguna

Sales & Customer Service

About Us


Our History


Apos Floors LLC. follows a tradition of Apos Family of businesses founded by Fernando Rodriguez, where quality, customer service and a commitment to improving the community come together. For years, throght out the area, Apos has become know  for inovations in delivery quality products at affordable prices, customer service, and community service.


Mission Statement


It is the mission of this company to provide goods and services to our customers while creating a team approach to customer service and a commitment to continual improvement and while actively serving our community.


Core Value


The company values fairness, honesty, transparency and providing solid, up to date advise and recommendations to our customers while contributing overall to our community.
Your importance in helping the company carry out our mission statement and uphold our core values cannot be understated.

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We’re Here to Help

We’re Here to Help
We are leaders in the market who think wisely on each project of our clients. There is no other way of working with successful people. First, we find out what are your goals and then implement these goals in life. If you have a question concerning our business products or services - let us know.


We love the challenge of turning your ideas into reality and are always ready to talk through any message.

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(817)645 0460

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4740 US-67, Alvarado,

TX 76009

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Monday -Friday

8 a.m.– 6 p.m.

Saturday  9 a.m. – 3 p.m

Apos Floors LLC. follows a tradition of Apos Family of businesses founded by Fernando Rodriguez, where quality, customer service and a commitment to improving the community come together.

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